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"Mugen 64-Bit?"

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Mugen really has no limits when it comes to designing the game of your dream. Weather you are a serius developer like myself, or you simply want to make a game to show off. Mugen brings your imagination to life. It is limitless and most likely the best home 2D game making software around. Game making software without the need of programming knowloedge of course. This software is not perfect. In fact, there is only one problem with this software and its what really turns me away. Those seeking to use the game maker application itself can only do so on a 32-Bit system. This is a huge problem for people like me, who own a 64-bit operating system. 32-Bit is becoming a thing in the past as XP limitations are becoming surpassed by most new software releases. Overall, the biggest and final step needed to be taken by Elecbyte is a 64-Bit version of this software. If you are running a 32-Bit operating system, or you have WOW64 availatble on your Professional or Ultimate version of your 64-Bit operating system. This software will make you a very happy person. Otherwise, its not for you.

  • Amazing and limitless game design capabilities
  • Doesn't require large amounts of memory and CPU Usage to run smooth
  • Very very easy to use compared to other applications.
  • Not 64-Bit Compatible. The only major problem with these Mugen progams is there is not a single 64-Bit version

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07 Sep 2010

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